Mark Wessels has developed a wonderful method for teaching fundamentals of snare drumming. It is called A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum. There is a method book that can be purchased to accompany the following video series. This series is great for beginners, but is also great for middle school and high school students to perfect their snare technique. Of course, these videos are no substitute for private lesson instruction, but they would be an excellent tool to help students grow.

Every percussionist should be well versed in rudimental drumming. The following link provides assistance in 40 rudiments that are essential for every drummer.

Drum set is an area of percussion that is difficult to teach in a group setting. Drum set is best taught by a private instructor who specializes in percussion, but this set of videos by Steve Houghton can augment the instruction that we provide at EAHS. It provides materials in a variety of styles.

Playing percussion in band is one of the most challenging sections in which students can play. If a student plays any other instrument, he/she plays just one instrument. Percussionists in band are required to play all of the instruments and that can be very demanding. Here are some links to help develop skill on many of the instruments that we play in band.

All of the links above at on the Vic Firth website. Not only does Vic Firth sell quality percussion sticks and mallets, but they also provide a lot of resources for students and educators. Here is the link to the main Vic Firth education page.

Here are some links to other sites that contain information and links to helpful sites.

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