6th Grade Beginning Band

Randall G. Lynch Middle School students start band in the 6th grade as part of their encore rotation. The 6th grade beginning band classes are broken down by instrument families and taught by band directors who are dedicated musicians in those instruments. 6th grade band members will come to class everyday during there respective 1st or 2nd encore class. Students will need to provide their own instrument. The larger instruments such as French Horn, Baritone and Tuba are instruments that are provided by the school. The exact number of school own instruments is limited however due to the many students already in the band program.

Purchasing or renting a band instrument can be an intimidating experience for the first time buyer. There are many poor quality brands of instruments to purchase more than ever. Most of these CHEAP IMITATIONS look great, have great price, but do not work the same as a well-made instrument. Plus, they are often very quick to break and can not be repaired. Listed with each instrument is a list of well-made and trusted brands that are of good value. A good instrument will help a student be successful and keep frustrations to a minimum.

The band directors are also always more than happy to work with anyone that needs help getting an instrument. If you have an issue please contact us and we can probably find a solution. We never want to turn a student away from band. We always want to find a place for every student to participate in band. It might not be a student's first choice and it might not be the prettiest instrument, but we'll find a way for your student to be in band. Give the directors a call or email them.

Mr. Spillars - Brass - Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone and Tuba

Mr. Mitchell - Woodwinds - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

Mr. Edwards - Percussion - Drums and Mallet Keyboards

Materials/Equipment Needed by ALL Band Students

1. Measure of Success Band Book for individual instrument. (Purchased at Saied Music in Fayetteville or online)

2. Luggage I.D. with name and grade clearly printed

3. Pencil

4. 3 Ring Binder 1/2" (For keeping book, papers and music)