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Updated 9/2/2016

**Under New Construction, some links may not work yet.**

Everyday we learn about something new that might help one or more of our students to become better musicians.  On this page you will find some of those new and exciting things.  There will also be some not so new things as well.  Below you will find links to apps for Apple products, etc...  We will do our best to update and give you the latest information possiable about technology, methods and just some really cool things that make playing a musical instrument cool! 

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iPhone & iPad Apps

We use Apple products, most of these apps will probably have an Android version or something equal to the Apple App. Please remember that we are in no way being paid to promote these products or programs.  The band directors are just wanting to make these resources avaliable to our students and their parents.  Please understand that some of the apps are not free.  Some only cost a couple of dollars.  Again, these are only recommendations and not requirments.

  Name Description
Garageband Music app that has lots of different functions.  Has record feature, mixer, keyboard, string instruments, drum machine, etc.  ($4.99)

Tempo Metronome app that is very good for students.  Tempos can be played in various time signatures, beats can be subdivided into different beats. 
Pocket WavePad Recording app that allows students to recording playing and then play it back.  Recordings can be emailed or saved to phone. (Free)
Sound Cloud
AWESOME new app from Sweeden!  Records whatever you play, sing or hum and then notates it onto a staff.  ($0.99) 
Tonal Engery Tuner (Apple)

Tonal Energy Tuner (Android)
This is the tuner app that is used in band rehearsals DAILY! The kids love it because when you play in tune the green smiley face appears! ($2.99)
Virtuoso Paino 3 Piano app that is currently featured in the iPad commercials. (Free)

NinGenius Music

Note names and fingerings for all instruments ($2.99 for Student Version)

Staff Wars
App used to help learn note names for your insturment. 

This is a FREE app that we use during the school year and on trips to communicate with students and parents.

Staff Wars 2
This is the second version of Staff Wars, but it is for Windows or Apple Computers.  It uses a microphone that students play the note displayed on the screen.  FREE!!!!