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Updated, Monday, July 25, 2016



2009 - 2010 Band Hand Book (PDF)

The Farmington Jr. High Band is the combined 8th and 9th grades.  The band meet together everyday during 2nd hour at their respective schools.  The band performs at many events and activates throughout the year.  Band is an academic class, but has a few different requirements of students that is not asked of students in other classes.  All performances are required.  If a student is enrolled in band they are required to be at each performance.  Band students receive class credit/grades for their performances.  Failure to be a performance or event will result in lost of grades for that performance.  For further explanation please refer to our Band Handbook.  You may download the band hand book by clinking on the link above. 

During the Fall semester the jr. high band performs at but not limited to: home jr. high football games, school pep rallies, combined Veteran's Day evening concert, Farmington Christmas parade and the Christmas concerts.

The Spring semester is when the bands work indvidually on music for the Region VII Concert and Sight Reading Band Assessment in March.  Students also work on events for Solo and Ensemble Assessment in April and the Spring end of year concert in May.


Marching Season: August - October


Concert Season:

October - May

Required Materials: Music Lyre, Flip Folder with Extra Pages, Pencil, Red Uniform Shirt, Black Pants, Tennis Shoes   Required Materials: Pencil, 1/2" Three Ring Binder, Concert Music (provided), White Shirt, Black Pants and Tennis Shoes.
Grading Performances: Football Games, Pep Rallies, Marching Contest.   Grading Performances: School Concerts
Grading: Daily Class Participation     Concert Band Assessment in April (Band Benchmark)
  Chair Test     Solo and Ensemble
  Pencil Test      
  Playing Test   Grading: Daily Class Participation
  Music/Folder Check     Chair Test
        Pencil Test
        Playing Test
        Music/Folder Check

Red Uniform Shirts $15.00

(please make checks payable to Farmington Band Boosters)

Participating in the greatest jr. high band in Northwest Arkansas... Priceless!