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Page Updated 2/25/2016

AP Music Theory is designed for students seeking music as a career and/or for those desiring a music supplement to their performance class.  Attention is placed on Western music indicative of the 18th century styles and practice.  Music from other cultures and time periods will be explored as well.

Mr. Spillars is responsible for teaching this class.  You can contact him via email ( or call the Sr. High Band Room at 266-1880


Websites Resources Downloads
AP Central: Released AP Theory Test and Examples of exam. Blank Sheet Music - Free, sheet music you can print off.


Quick Facts Sheet - A PDF file with Theory information on it.


Advanced Placement College Board: Information about the advanced placement program


Free Staff Paper - PDF File, 10 line staff paper to download.


Sight Singing Exercies Download PDF

Ricci Adams  An extensive music theory tutorial.

1998 Release Exam Audio

1998 Release Exam Download PDF

E-Music Theory:  An extensive music theory tutorial

E-Music Theory Online Practice Exercices

Good Ear - Online ear trainning lessons

Various Types of staff paper free to download and print

 Finale Notepad
Muisc notation program (free)
  Ascending Interval Table

Band Instrument Transpositions

Bass Line Accomp

C Chord Progression Staff


Chromatic Tones used in Solfege

Circle of Fifths

Counting Rhythms

Diagram of Harmonic Progressions in Major

Diagram of Harmonic Progressions in Minor

Forming Chords

Grand Staff

Harmonic Progression Diagrams

Interval Inversions

Interval Tables

Key Chord Chart

Minor Key Signatures Poster

Order of Sharps and Flats

Piano to Grand Staff Correlation


Rhythm Chart

Rhythm Pyramid

Scale Degree Worksheet

Solfege Hand Position Chart

Triad-Chord Structure